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Neighborhood Block Party & Plant Sale

Neighbors, friends and school members make this a FUNdraiser!

Come to school on a Saturday? Yes, why not?! Teachers, students, parents, families and neighbors all came out to our first Block Party! This was a true collaboration within our community. The months leading up to the Block Party, students along with teachers and parents planted and cared for seeds that we sold at the block party. Neighbors came out to enjoy the festivities and to sell yard-sale items on the patio. We had a BBQ with hot dogs (vegan plant-based hot dogs included!) and traditional DC half smokes. We collaborated with the Park View Neighborhood Coalition's annual Earth Day clean-up, so neighbors had the option to help tidy up Park View and then enjoy the festivities. The block party date also corresponded with DCPS's enrollment Saturday, given this opportunity we were able to surpass our growth goals and enrollment benchmarks! It truly was a celebration to enroll or re-enroll our kids into such an amazing community.


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